Monday, May 28, 2007

Why Phuket?


Having been travelled to lots of places, Phuket is a wonderful places which make me consider as a second home. Beach, wave, massage, pubs, hospitality are surrounded you.

Cost of living there is quite low too. You may find a luxury seafood dinner course with less than $10. Most of their income is from tourism. Therefore, Phuket is a tourism friendly place with the support of their government. The transport, accomodation, food is in world class standard. Moreover, is the fine weather all day long.

In this site, I will bring you a enjoyable journey through my personal experience. From food, shopping, beach, Muay Thai, pub, snorkelling, 'lady' show you will find it here.

Lets the journey begins...

Capital: Phuket city
Area: 543.0 km²
Ranked 75th
Inhabitants: 287,587 (2004)
Ranked 68th
Pop. density: 529.63 inh./km²
Ranked 6th
ISO 3166-2: TH-83
Governor: Niran Kanlayanamit (since November 2006)

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