Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 1 - Phuket Muay Thai

Day 1

Arrive Phuket international airport. 500 Baht for a Toyota Camry cab from airport to town.

Phuket town sight seeing and for lunch

Reach my Muay Thai camp. After simple registration, training start at 6pm without break. Slowing picking up the training there from basic. You don't have a personal trainer there but all are your trainer. They train you whenever they are available. All are champion and fighter with good records. I started with my stance, jab, punch, and kicking. Later on, they put me to sandbag to condition my shin. It is so painful. It is a heavy sandbag and hurt my shin. Can't imagine I did all this at the first training for a beginner but so enjoyable. I still not ready for the ring training yet.

Having dinner with roomate and head for Phuket night life.


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