Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 2 - Phuket Muay Thai

Next day in Phuket, wake up at 7am by the rock music. My body feel sore and feel not to train today but my trainer ask me join them jogging.
Training started after jogging. Train basic skill and add in defense and blocking technique. After that, sandbag again. punch..jab...kick..

Free time

Training return at 4PM with more mind blowing drill. This time is target practice, kick target pad which hold by the trainer..and the trainer yelling "harder harder" and "strong". The trainers are very hard on you and push you to your limits. You need to pay attention as they will trick you by punching your body.

Phuket-Muay-Thai  -Boxing

Phuket-Muay-Thai  -Boxing

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