Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thailand Oolong Tea or Wu Long Tea

The famous Oolong tea is from China, Taiwan and Thailand. Thailand High Mountain Oolong tea that is produced on this tea garden in Thailand is a direct descendant of Taiwan oolong. These tea plants are of the very same strains that are grown in Taiwan, using the same processing methods as well. And this garden is one of the few in Thailand with an elevation around 1000 meters - well within the Taiwan classification of high mountain tea. This garden does not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers on its tea plants whatsoever.

Benefits of Oolong(Wulong)Tea:

  1. Burn more calories than green tea
  2. Reduce fattening effects of carbs
  3. Clarify skin
  4. Reverse signs of aging
  5. Promote healthy teeth
  6. Strengthen immune system
  7. Enhance mind-body wellness
  8. 100% natural and nourishing

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